Make your GTR 2018 experience even more fun with a three-day ride before the rally begins!
The Georgia Tandem Tour returns in 2018 as a pre-tour for the Georgia Tandem Rally. We begin the pre-tour in Madison, which is where it all started for GTR back in 1999. The first day, we'll do a loop ride in Madison. The next day takes us to Covington, the home of GTR 2010 and 2013. On our final day, we'll ride back to Madison, where it will be a short 25-mile drive to Athens and the GTR weekend. We've only got room for 25 teams on the pre-tour, so you will want to register early when the time comes.

Monday, May 21
We'll gather in Madison, the town that Sherman forgot to burn on his way from Atlanta to Savannah. We'll give you your maps, cue sheets and some exclusive pre-tour goodies.

Tuesday, May 22
Today we take a loop ride through Madison and its adjoining farms. On options of 30 or 45 miles, you will see some genuine antebellum homes, built in the early 1800's. You will still have access to your car, so you'll be able to drive into historic Madison for both lunch and dinner if you wish.

Wednesday, May 23
Today's ride takes us from Madison to Covington. The 46-mile route takes you on quiet rural roads and ends up at the square in Covington for lunch. Is that an ice cream store we spot on the square? A stop at Scoops is a must when in Covington. After lunch, it's a short ride to your hotel where your suitcases will be waiting for you in the lobby, magically transported by the GTR "luggage elves". There are good restaurant choices within walking distance of our Covington hotel.

Thursday, May 24
You will hop on your bike this morning and 41 miles later, you will be back at your car in Madison. After visiting the cute railroad town of Rutledge, you will ride on the Dixie Highway, perhaps the most tandem-friendly road in Georgia and a favorite of your ride leaders. Once again, your luggage will miraculously appear at the end point. After your ride, it's time to drive to Athens and get ready for GTR 2018.

GTT Terrain
Expect some hills and some flats. The climb into Covington is an unexpected treat at the end of Wednesday's ride. There's nothing you can't handle. Here are the altitude charts for the tour:
Tuesday 30: 1200 feet
Tuesday 45: 1800 feet
Wednesday 46: 2000 feet
Thursday 41: 1600 feet
The pre-tour will cost around $100 per tandem team. The price includes your maps, cue sheets, luggage transportation to Covington and then back to Madison, and some other fun goodies that we are still working on. The cost of the tour does not include your hotel rooms or your meals, except for breakfast which is included with your hotel rooms.

You are responsible for your own hotel reservations. To make your reservation process easier, we have blocked rooms in Madison and Covington. After you sign up for the pre-tour, we will send you information on how to make your reservations in Madison and in Covington.

You will register electronically for the tour at the same time you register for GTR 2018. GTR Hall of Fame members get the first shot at the Tour and then one week later, non Hall of Famers will get to register. To attend the Georgia Tandem Tour, you must also register for GTR 2018.

The pre-tour registration follows the GTR registration dates:
GTR Hall of Famers: Registration begins January 21, 2018
New and teams: Registration begins January 28, 2018

You can get a full refund (less a $50 cancellation charge) until April 25, 2018. By registering for the pre tour and rally, you agree that beginning on April 26, 2018, there are no refunds.

By signing up for the pre-tour, you acknowledge that you are in shape to do the three days of riding that the ride requires. We have van space to transport your luggage, but we don't have room for you if you get tired! You also agree to ride to Covington and back to Madison, no matter what the weather is.

It's a busy year at the Georgia Tandem Rally!