gtr hall of fame members

our 62 "frequent rider" teams get early registration to the rally as well as first shot at hotel rooms! Here is the criteria: If you have attended six or more Georgia Tandem Rallies with the same captain/stoker combination AND you have attended the rally three of the last four years, you are in the GTR Hall of Fame. HERE'S THE HALL, ALONG WITH HOW MANY RIDES EACH TEAM HAS ATTENDED.

Mark Livingood, Debbie Livingood from GA 18
Eric Osgood , Linda Wood from GA 18
Al Parker, Heidi Parker from FL 18
Roger Strauss, Eve Kofsky from GA 18
Greg Knecht, Angela Knecht from FL 17
Jack Goertz, Susan Goertz from AL 16
Steve Bullard, Eva Bullard from GA 15
Jack Deacon, Pat Deacon from FL 15
Dan Engler, Sue Engler from SC 15
Steve Katzman, Debi Katzman from FL 13
Seth Krieger, Kathy Peres from FL 13
Jose Rodriguez, Sherry Rodriguez from GA 13
Alan Burkett, Joanne Burkett from SC 12
Dixi Smith, Ann Smith from MO 12
Ken Woodington, Libit  Woodington from SC 12
Charles Blackmon, Resa Blackmon from SC 11
Lisa Davis,  from SC 11
Jack Straw, Ann Straw from MO 11
Greg Kniseley, Joanie Kniseley from FL 10
John Boland, Mitzi Boland from GA 10
Rick Brackett, Debbie Brackett from FL 10
Don Novak, Carol Novak from FL 10
Randy Rowe, Claudia Rowe from GA 10
Bob Thompson, Jan Thompson from FL 10
Reg Ullmann, Michele Ullmann from FL 10
John Vermeulen, Lee Vermeulen from NC 10
Jeffrey Eakle, Darlene Eakle from FL 9
Robert Jordan, Betty Jean Jordan from GA 9
Jim Kamp, Ann Kamp from IL 9
Robert MacElderry, Lisa MacElderry from SC 9
Michael Purdo, Cindy Purdo from GA 9
Earle Reynolds, Laura Reynolds from FL 9
Denny Sutton, Stephanie Sutton from TN 9
Bob Acuff, Kat Acuff from FL 8
Dan Coughlin, Dolores Coughlin from NC 8
Cliff Frank, Joyce Frank from VA 8
Jim Johns, Cathie Johns from FL 8
Duncan McCabe, Laura McCabe from NC 8
Bill Murphy, Joyce Murphy from NC 8
Jeff Sammons, Joyce Sammons from TN 8
Dick Young, Patty Young from FL 8
Frank Cooley, Theresa Cooley from OH 7
Bill Glass, Sametta Glass from TN 7
Tom Hury, Barb Hury from FL 7
Douglas Job, Angela Pfile from GA 7
Bill Leland, Sara Lundin from NC 7
Dwight McKnight, Donna McKnight from NC 7
Lou Pape, Cindy Pape from TN 7
John-Mark Turner, Amelia Turner from GA 7
Arthur Wood, Maureen Wood from FL 7
Ken Wallace, Susan Wallace from AL 6
Andrew Gill, Allyson Gill from FL 6
Chris Judd, Monica Judd from FL 6
Bob ONeal, Kay ONeal from GA 6
Tom Ratajczak, Robyn Ratajczak from NC 6
Ed Ready, Dot Ready from AL 6