GTR freqently asked questions

you have questions, we have the answers...



What's the terrain like this year? It's flat out there. Floridians will feel at home. Everyone else will feel like they are in tandem heaven.

Why do you have a rider limit? We limit the size of the rally so that it will be more intimate and personal. Our facilities will only hold so many people. And our sanity gets tested if we make the rally too big.

Will there be SAG on the course? Hopefully. We are waiting to confirm with our SAG drivers if they will be attending in 2017.

What happens if my tandem breaks down? There are a lot of mechanical minds that attend GTR each year. Someone will help to get you back on the road, or someone will come get you.

Are there a lot of store stops on the ride? There are stores at strategic locations on the rides. We have no ride-sponsored SAG stops, but we do have a plentiful snack table before each day's ride so you can bring some snacks along. You should bring some of your favorite snacks in case you don't like our snacks.

Are these loop rides? What about remote starts? Friday's ride is a remots start. Saturday and Sunday will start and end at the host hotel.

Do you have GPS files for the routes? GTR was one of the first rallys to offer GPS maps, way back in the early 2000's. We will have many forms of GPS available, through Ride With GPS.

I'm a vegetarian. Is this a problem? Not at all. Our caterer for Saturday's lunch will have vegetarian dishes. There will be enough vegetarian items at Saturday's dinner to fill you up. You should be able to find something to eat at our meals.

Can we bring the kids? Yes. We just ask that you register all children who will be attending so we know they will be there as they take up seating space at our events. We have no child care available, so you are responsible for the kiddies.

Can we bring the dog? Do us a favor and leave Fido at home. He will probably be happier at the "Doggie Hilton"!

Can we bring our custom mega-camper-mobile-cruiser-trailer-home? Yes, but find a campground and don't park it in our host hotel parking lot.

Are there a lot of men with shaved legs on this ride? Can I keep up? We have a few teams where the man's legs are smoother than the woman's. However, everyone rides at their own pace. Some are faster than others, some are slower. An amazing thing happens at tandem rallies: with so many teams, you will always find a team that rides the same speed as you do.

What about the weather? Will it be hot? Yes, it will be hot. Expect highs in the mid-upper 80's and lows in the high 60's. There will be humidity and perhaps some afternoon thunderstorms. For some reason, GTR seems to happen on the hottest weekend of the year, so drink plenty of water.

Are there day-ride options on GTR? No. You must register for the whole weekend to attend GTR. We do not feel it is fair to those who pay for all 3 days to offer day options.

What's the dumbest question anyone has asked you? No comment!

What time is the midnight buffet? There is no midnight buffet at GTR, but we actually heard this asked on a cruise ship once!

Are those Eve's real nails? Yes...and she does them herself. Chances are they will be purple.